Placental Protein Therapy

Simultaneous tissue repair and anti-inflammatory therapy more powerful than paracetamol, with additional healing properties, and tolerizing effects to promote stem cell transfer between animals.

Biology with built-in safety

The mammalian placenta has solved a crucial problem: How to protect the fetus, which is a ‘foreign body’, without completely disabling the mother’s immune system and tissue repair mechanisms.

PP88 shelters the fetus during pregnancy through:

Immune modulation

PP88 switches off destructive immunological actions

Tissue homeostasis

PP88 activates tissue repair

Benefits of PP88

PP88 Equine Therapy

Prevents or reverses progression of osteoarthritis and other inflammatory and degenerative diseases.
Is a broad spectrum anti-inflammatory: a new more powerful paracetamol, with additional healing properties.
Is a simultaneous tissue repair and anti-inflammatory therapy.
Has tolerizing effects to promote stem cell transfer between animals.

Current Equine Therapies

Unscalable, limited or unproven efficacy, non-standard formats
Rest, NSAID - Only suitable for minor injuries, expensive
PRP, IRAP, Adequan etc. - Unproven efficacy, cumbersome, expensive
Mesenchymal Stem Cells - Expensive, unproven efficacy, problematic immune response, toxicity concerns