PP88 Equine Therapy

Prevents or reverses progression of osteoarthritis and other inflammatory and degenerative diseases.
Is a broad spectrum anti-inflammatory: a new more powerful paracetamol, with additional healing properties.
Is a simultaneous tissue repair and anti-inflammatory therapy.
Has tolerizing effects to promote stem cell transfer between animals.

Placental Protein

The placenta is an untapped source of biotherapeutics that have built-in non-toxicity, an absence of unwanted side-effects, and healing properties unmatched by human-engineered pharmaceuticals.

Unique, disruptively innovative medicine

Immune modulation leading to reduction in inflammation with simultaneous promotion of tissue repair.

Fully characterised and scalable

Modified recombinant versions of placenta proteins.

Well understood mechanism

Secreted proteins with Ig-like structure – standard mAb production format .

Innate non-toxicity

High expression in pregnancy – predicts good safety profile.

Ethical, scalable, affordable

More defined, convenient, and lower cost than PRP and IRAP.


Superior to existing biologics which target single ligand / receptor.

Fast to Market, early ROI

Qualifies for fast-track USDA regulatory approval process.

Augmentation of existing therapies

Synergistic use in conjunction with mesenchymal stem cell therapies, can replace MSC therapies altogether.

The Placenta:
A Therapeutic Rainforest

Until now, the placenta has never been studied as a source of medicines, yet over millions of years it evolved a comprehensive pharmacy to protect life’s most vulnerable organisms. Infinity Biotherapeutics leads the world in entering and discovering the rich harvest of placental therapies that have evolved across all mammalian species. PP88 is the first such biotherapeutic.

Our Supporting Data

Pre-clinical evidence

No acute toxicity / adverse reaction following intra-articular injection in horses.
Efficacious in mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis.
Enhances migration of equine MSC in vitro.

Extendable to other species

Similar functionality to human proteins in several assays and pre-clinical trials – can extrapolate human therapy to equine and other mammals: anti-inflammatory (cell and mouse models), wound repair (mouse, pig).

Broad spectrum mechanism

Strong indication of efficacy for multiple inflammatory conditions, across multiple species.

Equine Market Opportunity

7.5m horses in USA (2016) with approx. 25% of working horses experience lameness per annum.
Average loss of 110 days per event.
Clear pathway to enter and dominate multi-billion dollar companion animal market.
Economic cost of lameness estimated $1 billion per annum. $100m worldwide equine market.
USDA fast track approval in 3 years.
Broad spectrum efficacy for other equine inflammatory diseases including tendonitis.
Combination therapies with MSC.