Moore Lab

The Moore Lab in UCC is the world-leader in structural analysis of the placenta as a source of new medicines, for both animal and human benefit.

Following multiple pre-clinical trials, the lab is initiating staged Clinical Trials of PP88, the first placental protein identified and trialed by the Moore Lab.
PP88 is the first such natural placental protein to be isolated, tested and manufactured by the Moore Lab to heal and protect injured animals and humans.

PP88 qualifies for a fast-track USDA regulatory approval process.

Developmental Genetics research group overview

Our research focuses on the genetic control of embryonic development during pregnancy. Three strands of research aim to investigate:

  1. The evolution and mechanisms of action of the pregnancy-specific glycoproteins during pregnancy, and their therapeutic potential.
  2. The regulation and function of the imprinted human pseudoautosomal region-2 (PAR2) gene SPRY3.
  3. The development of new methods for making transgenic mice using TARGATTTM and CRISPR technologies.
The methods that we use include: mouse molecular genetics and transgenics, trophoblast stem cells, tissue electroporation, fluorescence microscopy, recombinant protein production, chromatin immunoprecipitation, DNA genotyping, pyrosequencing, DNA methylation analysis, biochemical assays, immunohistochemistry, and other techniques as required.