Equine Therapy

Revolutionary biotherapeutic for treating osteoarthritis and tendonitis in mammals


Broad spectrum efficacy biotherapeutic, found in the placenta of horses, for multiple ailments across mammalian species including osteoarthritis and tendonitis

Natural anti-inflammatory and tissue repair capabilities

PP88 demonstrates simultaneous healing and anti-inflammatory effects on damaged tissue. Natural modulation of the immune response reduces inflammation while promoting healing and regeneration.

Improves the lifetime and life quality of sport horses

PP88 prevents and reverses the progression of osteoarthritis and other inflammatory and degenerative diseases.

No limit on repeated application

The use of artificial anti-inflammatory products also reduce the number of times they can be applied to animals, while PP88 has no limit on repeated application.

Exclusive to Moore Lab

PP88 is the first such natural placental protein to be isolated, tested and manufactured by the Moore Lab to heal and protect injured animals and humans